life,loves,pretty food and crafting a business….


Inpin it and around a flower shop at the age of 12, my first job was sweeping floors and recycling “old” flower inventory into pretty little vignettes.  My interest for design & rescue salvage took over from then on.

At 16, with an old soul and on my own, my first apartment became my canvas.  Furnished completely thrift shop chic and curbside founds. A look that would stay with me, teach me and become my “signature”. Mixing old and new creating a cohesive and original style.

With this road it’s taken me through many adventures of all areas of design.  Projects that include merchandising, home- styling, staging and of course, beautiful floral for weddings and events.  Staying true to my up-cycled aesthetics, my detailed and re-purposing eye became polished and resourceful.

I built the foundation for Primrose in 1994, mixing gorgeous flowers, vintage finds and furnishings. Way before the days of  social media giants, Facebook, Instagram and the slew of others that followed.  I belong to the old school  of  Press , but I’m learning. My shop is one of curiosity and contradiction. The journey has been my classroom and the people a library I’ve learned from.

Now the firmly established “Primrose and Company” has become well known in South Jersey and surrounding areas as the go to shop for stylish weddings,events, vintage rentals, home styling and everyday floral. Our “pretty junk collections” and eclectic vignettes have been featured in magazines and around the web. I’m extremely grateful for all the things my craft has taught me and continue to learn from this journey.  We would love the opportunity to work for you and create a chic, savvy and well defined style that will be thoughtfully remembered.  Best, m-


on a personal note …

 “I don’t take my life seriously but, I do take what I do in my life seriously ” –Audrey Hepburn

The short of it, I love to laugh and make people laugh, in a brass sorta matter of fact way. I have no filter you will either LOVE me or not. I’m fine either way.  I’m a single parent, my family & friendships are the most important thing to me including my puppies.  I love all things blooming, vintage, up-cycled and collected. I love Lilacs,snow music and cooking comfort food. I’m obsessed with photography and in aww of the possibilities a picture captures. I’m a true home body and try to live a thoughtful and responsible life while raising  my son to do the same. I collect a lot,thank god my craft and the shop allows me to do this. I’m pretty simple. I will go above and beyond to help, encourage and share my knowledge however, do not take this for granted otherwise I can become let’s say, not so helpful LOL.. I speak extremely fast with or without coffee. I account that to my thought process that thinks even faster. Someday It’ll catch up. I’m just learning to become more social media savvy and enjoy all it has to bring and inspire. I work pretty much 7 days at one thing or another. A good unwind for me is a  good cocktail, a movie , some really good food and family. I look forward to meeting new people to hopefully inspire  and learn what inspires them. I’m so lucky for all things that life has brought my way but, more so learning how to actually receive it and be just grateful. xoxox